Britain: “Russia seeks to establish pro-Russian leader in Kiev” – Moscow denies | The world

The United Kingdom on Saturday accused Russia of “trying to establish a pro-Russian leader in Kiev” and plans to “occupy” it. Of Ukraine Moscow denied it, calling London’s allegations “nonsense.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry’s response was, “We call on the British Foreign Secretary to stop spreading nonsense.” In a statement in a very sharp tone, the head of British diplomacy, Liz Tross, denounced it as “the motive of Russian action.” In order to subjugate Ukraine. “According to our information, the Russian government is trying to establish a pro-Russian leader in Kiev, while it plans to invade and occupy Ukraine.”

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According to the Foreign Office, “former Ukrainian MP Yevgeny Murayev is considered a possible candidate”, but he is not the only one: “Russian intelligence services” maintain “contacts with many former Ukrainian politicians”.

British Foreign Secretary Sergei Arbusov (Prime Minister from 2012 to 2014, then caretaker Prime Minister), Andrei Glukov (head of government of former President Viktor Yanukovych), Volodymyr Sivkovric (former Deputy Prime Minister) and Mykola Azarov. (Prime Minister from 2010 to 2014).

“Some of them are in contact with Russian intelligence and are currently planning an attack,” he said. Against Ukraine“, The Foreign Office added.

Meeting of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany during the week in Paris

Ukraine accuses Germany of promoting Vladimir Putin

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As for the United States, the British allegations are “deeply troubling.” “This kind of conspiracy is very worrying. The Ukrainian people have a sovereign right to decide their future. We support democracy. Our Selected Partners in UkraineSaid Emily Horn, a spokeswoman for the U.S. President’s National Security Council.

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Rear Admiral Kai-Achim Senbach, commander of the German navy, described the situation in which Russia could invade its neighbor as “absurd.” This and other comments he made led to the announcement of his resignation by the German Ministry of Defense last night.

“Honest” conversations

The British allegations come just hours after Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu agreed to meet with his British envoy to Moscow, Ben Wallace. However, the bilateral meeting – the first since 2013 – was “to explore all avenues for stability to the Ukrainian crisis,” a source close to the British Defense Ministry said yesterday, which could then be questioned. British charges.

The Kremlin has been accused by Westerners of mobilizing tens of thousands of troops On the border with Ukraine In the face of an attack, he denies any intent to invade, but combines defense architecture agreements in Europe, especially with NATO, which has not been expanded in Ukraine.

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It says it is unacceptable for the West to threaten Russia with major sanctions in the event of an attack. Although the positions of the two sides at this time appear to be contradictory, tensions with Moscow have eased after several weeks of verbal expansion; Anthony Blinken.

This development prompted the UN Secretary-General to express confidence that the invasion or infiltration of Russian troops into Ukraine would “not exist.”

“Strategic mistake”

The British allegations are in line with US intelligence. The United States imposed sanctions on Thursday To four Ukrainians, Between the two acting MPs, accusing them of collaborating with the Russian spy agency FSB and talking about “random activities” in Ukraine.

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The US Treasury Department’s decision targeted MPs Taras Cossack and Alec Volos – accused of FSB’s instructing them to appoint “current and former government officials who are willing to control the country’s government and infrastructure.” Foreign Office Press Release.

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The White House believes Russia can attack In Ukraine “Always”. British Foreign Secretary Liz Tross yesterday warned Vladimir Putin that the “Russian military invasion of Ukraine” could be a “major strategic mistake” and that his retaliation would be “painful.”

Earlier in the day, Ms. Tras during a visit to Sydney called on Russia to “increase” and warned that it would enter a “terrible situation and loss of life” if it invaded, as the former Soviet Union was engaged in war. When the conflict erupted in Afghanistan and Chechnya.

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