Belarus: A pregnant woman died tragically when her hair got stuck in a factory machine

Tragedy that cannot be described in words took place Belarus. A 21-year-old pregnant woman was killed in a factory in Boriso while she was on her way to a job interview.

The unfortunate Uminda Nazarova, who was seven weeks pregnant, applied for a job at the Swarmet factory in Boriso, which manufactures welding wires and electrodes, East2 West News reported.

How the accident happened

A company executive went to the facility with her and explained the needs of the job. Unknown, her long hair got caught in the machine that produces wires and electrodes. Local media reported that loops were made in her neck and due to the force of the mechanical pull, she sustained a serious head injury and a part of her scalp was severed. Three weeks later she died without treatment.

“Her hair was wrapped around her neck and pulled into a mechanism.” If her scalp had not been torn, her hair would have been strangled, “said her mother, Olga.

Despite being released from the machine, the young woman did not regain consciousness and died from her injuries.

Those responsible were attacked by his father

Dmitry’s father attacked the factory managers and vowed to do everything to justify his daughter who suddenly lost her life.

“They took two lives. She was seven weeks pregnant.” They saw that she had long hair, so why not give it a cover? ” He wondered.

The case is under investigation

The case is now under the jurisdiction of the Belarusian Commission of Inquiry, which is investigating the shocking incident.

“An employee was showing her how the equipment was working and stopped recording a record. When she turned her head, she saw the woman lying unconscious on the floor, her hair stuck in the machine,” he said in a statement.

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The company accepted the costs of her funeral, while a court in Belarus sentenced a factory manager for “failing to perform his official duties”, which led to the girl’s death.

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