Because all the great powers, even the USA, want to change the world order

Russia’s war Ukraine It may not be finished yet, but it already looks like it’s set in motion παγκόσμιων δυνάμεων – ή χείσεις επιστέρει μια μετατοπιση που έντας της σε της της.

For the president USA Τζο Πάιντενthis is the last battle in the contest between the democracies and the autocracies of the world.

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For others, the development of new, strengthened alliances suggests a more complex relationship.

As ο πόλεμος εἰλίσσεται, κοιε θα διαμορφώσει το προστήματος συστέμα; And how should the United States move in this new chapter of geopolitics; The authors answer these questions Foreign Affairs magazine.

Even the US wants to change the world order

With the war in Ukraine, Russia appears – and declares that it is ready – to overturn the world order, even though there are voices that believe that Moscow has lost sight of the international order and its balance.

As it is, Moscow resents its reduced influence after the collapse of the Greek Union.

At the same time, China is emerging as a superpower, seeking to restore its balance of power in Asia and its central position in the world order.

At the same time, while engaging in a show of strength in Taiwan, it accuses the US of trying to change the status quo in the region.

The United States, on the other hand, led the world order after the 2nd World War, but also the international system that came before the Cold War.

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In fact, both systems rested on the sovereignty and imperatives of US military, political and economic power.

«Ρεβιζιονιστική» behavior

For much of the time following the collapse of the Soviet Union, most powers, including emerging China, generally aligned themselves with the US-led order.

However, as noted by the journal Foreign Affairs, today we are in a transitional phase in which all major powers – even the US, which has a leading role in the current system – are exhibiting what might be called “reβισιονιστική” behavior, pursuing δικότης τους περισσότερα εις και της της της international order και προστέρωντας να άλλης την της την άρχουσα της

Often, the term «ρεβιζιονισμός« is associated with territorial differences, especially in the Indo-Greek region (πόλεμος in Ukraine, the difficult relations of China with its neighbors in India, Japan, Vietnam and other countries in Asia).

However, it also manifests itself in the actions of other powers, including growing skepticism about free trade in the United States, military cooperation in Japan, and the rearmament of Germany.

The great powers, therefore, are committed to an order that builds the world, from which they are vulnerable.

Οι πληροφορίες του Νοτου Εχασαν την τος του δικαιοσύνης

If these powerful countries do not respond, the most powerful have completely lost their faith in the legitimacy and justice of the international system, comments the magazine, «representing» mainly the countries of the South and the failures of institutions and organizations to manage problems such as the crisis. , η pandemic και ο πληθωρισμός.

These problems are often exacerbated by political crises, crises and interventions that international agencies manage spasmodically and drily, and ultimately end up losing confidence in the system.

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Because many countries are dissatisfied with the world as they see it, they seek to change it to their own.

One solution is η στροφία προς τα τα διες, and another is η εἰκάθίδρύση ad hoc συνασπισμή και συμφοριών.

Many actions are also expected at the regional level, although the action at the local level is inconvenient to address major global problems.

They have no vision

As the old order disintegrates and the new one struggles to be born, the advantage belongs to the states that clearly understand the balance of power and can understand the future order on a cooperative basis that serves the public good, comments on foreign affairs, and appreciates that it is renegade. The trend could lead to a worse and more controversial geopolitics.

«Each of the important revolutionary forces, each of which wants to change the international system, does not have a compelling vision for what this change could be», the magazine’s editors say.

Και σημείον πως «ούτε η η χέως μεταβαλειςη balance of forces δυνάμεων is likely to provide the basis για a stable order για a period of time. On the contrary, the powers will probably be confused, going from a crisis to another, with the international system growing, in a form of movement, without movement».

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