Bad Weather Belief: Because you hear thunder with snow

Had a special impact on many during its evolution Bad weather “hope”, Hears thunder with heavy snow. EMY Director Totoris Golidas explains the rare event.

When we have storms in the winter, they can sometimes cause Heavy snowfall Very loud and repeated thunder. So in addition to the thunder we hear at night during snowfall, we notice that lightning appears brighter, and that light reflects off the snowflakes.

The ice set is interesting Contained in the storm Acts to block the sound of thunder. While the thunder of a typical storm can be heard many miles away, the thunder during a blizzard can only be heard if we are 2 to 3 miles away from the lightning.

The blizzard will significantly affect the United States and the Great Lakes region of Canada, the Midwestern United States and the Great Salt Lake.

They occur in Halifax, Nova Scotia and several times in Montana, which has the heaviest snowstorms of the year. In the United States, March is the peak month for 6 such storms each year.

Northwestern Europe is prone to blizzards and this is common On the morning of December 4, 2020 An episode of thunder was recorded in the early hours of the morning in Scotland, Sounded the alarm to the locals with an unusual noise.

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BBC meteorologists immediately commented.

Similar conditions have generally occurred in Greece and the eastern Mediterranean (in the mountains of Israel and Jordan), with extreme cold invasions of polar origin occurring in late December 2016 and early 2017, but are now “optimistic”.

The Blizzards Raindrops form on the cold front or warm front end entering the winter environment that takes the form of snow. Strong blizzard maintains its strong vertical profile and then Vertical compound Allows for favorable conditions Lightning and thunder.

Such an effect occurs on a lake or ocean, which creates storms The passage of cold air over relatively hot water. This effect usually produces heavy snowfall over the major lakes of the United States and Canada. But it will happen in Aegean!

As long as the average temperature difference of the cold air is above 15 degrees Celsius.

Bad weather optimism: how it will continue

The map below shows areas with heavy snowfall, with up to 8 degrees of local snowfall recorded in Greece over Evia, the eastern mainland, the eastern Peloponnese, central and northern Cyclades.

Snow will continue in other eastern parts but will not be of particular intensity and will sometimes be strong only in central and western Crete.

In the following maps, snow elevations are shown Monday at noon and 8 pm local time in Greece. Areas with fresh snowfall in the Evia Sterea and Peloponnese are the main areas of interest, reaching even 15 to 30 cm in new snowy mountains.

Bad Weather Belief: Why We Ask for Snow with Thunder - What is Snow with Thunder

In further evolution of the weather, i.e. from 8 pm to 2 am, the snowfall affects the same areas with a southern extension to Cyclades and Crete.

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There will be some eruptions in the northeast and west attics.

Bad Weather Belief: Why We Ask for Snow with Thunder - What is Snow with Thunder

Within the period specified above, fresh snow will be added so that the total snow height is 40 cm in the mountains and lower areas or at a small height of 20 to 25 cm.

Bad Weather Belief: Why We Ask for Snow with Thunder - What is Snow with Thunder

It should be noted that snow elevations vary greatly from place to place – even in neighboring countries – as there are many factors that can increase or decrease snowfall, such as wind and vegetation.

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