Australia: 230 φάλαινες εξόκειλαν σε beach

स्टिन have caused excitement Australia About 230 images φάλαινες-πιλοτους να χρήσεις εξοκείλει στις δυτικές ακτές της Τασμανίας με Αξιοματούχους να να το να το το το το το οι πιλοτους να το το οι οι πισές να περισμές στης της τασμανίας.

«The group of about 230 cats is close to the port of Makkari», said the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the State of Tásmánias, who added: «About half of the animals are alive».

In the images captured, the magnitude of the situation is captured with dozens of whales lying along a huge beach with some of them being swept away by the waves.

Something similar had happened in the same area About two years ago When there were almost 500 φάλαινες-πιλότοι, there were only about 100.

Although the exact reasons for this situation have not yet been ascertained, scientists estimate that it may be due to the fact that groups of whales are exposed after they seek food very close to the shores.


Οι φάλαινες πιλότοι are very social animals and often follow their group members who wander and are thus in danger.

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