At the moment when the volume of ice falls in Italy – the search for the missing, at least 6 dead

Άγνωστος ο number of the unknown

Τραγοδία στην Μαρμολάντα της Italyκαι καταπλάκωσε ορειβάτες

The investigations για επιζώντες continue by the Italian authorities, while At least six people έχασαν τη ζωή τους 9 were injured. Δυο από τους χραμαίες is in a serious condition and was immediately transferred to the hospital, while his life is only 9 years old.

According to the Italian authorities, 20 are missing, στις Δολομιτικές Αλπεις.

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Photo: Alpine Rescue Services

Searches of the rescue teams are continuing in an effort to locate the missing. According to the Italian media, it is very difficult to find victims and there is a fear that at the end the number of dead may exceed thirty.

The Italian Prime Minister Mario Ntragki and the head of the Italian Civil Protection Service Φαμπρίτσιο Κουρτσιο are currently moving to the Kanatzéi location, where the coordination center has been set up to provide assistance.

The person in charge of the service of service in the area of ​​the Alps, Βάλτερ Κύνέλλι stressed that the members of the political protection, as well as their partners, are moving in a very careful way, because the risk of detachment of new layers of ice and landslides remains very high.

Η απογλήτη του γιάγυ φερεται να το καύσωνα που έπληκε την την Italy. «Η ζέστη είναι συμποσινη», said the head of Σομαι Διάσωσης, Walter Milan, noting that the temperatures in the last days at the summit had exceeded 10 degrees Κελσίου.

«Αυτή είναι προφορικό ζέστη» για την προστή, said, «Σαφώς είναι μη περισσότερο».

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