«Airmageddon»: The flight with 1.000 passengers

Flight cancellations, delays, and long queues at security are now a typical day in most European countries. airports. They call it «Airmageddon» as well Airports are unable to cope στην εκτίναξη της διαμένας για για travel, in the midst of serious staff shortages.

On Monday, July 11, Delta Air Lines Flight 17 was scheduled to fly from London to London before it was canceled at the last minute. The cancellation was the result of an appeal of 100,000 per day by the airport management. Χίθροου.

While the passengers of Delta Air Lines Flight 17 rebooked another flight, Airbus The A330-200 had to carry out the scheduled flight in spite of all this για να κατάσει να ελληνική την φωτήσεις περισσότερας το λόνδον στο το νύνοδος.

At this point, η Delta Air Lines παίρνοντας perhaps one of the best business initiatives, decided to collect about 1.000 ξεχεσμένες επιβατής επιβατών from the storage areas of Υίθροου and to promote them back to their κατόχους το Ντιτρόιτ.

“Delta’s team worked on a creative solution to move overdue baggage from London-Chiffon on July 11, after a regularly scheduled flight had to be canceled due to the airport’s passenger volume limitations,” said a Delta spokesperson.

Σε μία Αναλογη τηνική προέβη και η ισλανδική ειλλάινή Icelandair, η which Teams of pilots were transferred to Schiphol Airport (AMS) in Amsterdam to reduce the pressure on the stricken staff of the Dutch hub.

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