After Kazakhstan and Turkey, everything will explode suddenly, an article in the Russian press emphasizes

In the context of development Kazakhstan The Russian news agency Regnum writes in an article that everything could suddenly explode in Turkey as well.
The severe crisis in Kazakhstan is its interim culmination with the development of the Joint Defense Agreement (CSTO) Armed Forces in this country, which, according to the Charter, can only “act in the event of a threat or attack”. Among the growing interest around the world, among politicians and experts, writes the Russian company Regnam.

Kazakh President Qasim-Jomar Tokayev called the protesters a “gang of international terrorists” and turned to the CSTO for help, although the external stimulus for unrest in Kazakhstan is further obscured: the rising socio-economic and economic power transfer from Narsultan Nazarbayev to Tokayev. In the future, these facts will be described and analyzed more than once by experts.

This is not only the internal problems of Kazakhstan, but also a serious international impact as the country has a stable position in the world.

Oil-rich democracy, the ninth largest country, has attracted foreign investment and is a member of the CSTO, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Eurasian Economic Union.

He occupied one of the leading positions in the Union of Turkish Nations (STG), if not the leading one.

The Turkish press also deals with the issue. Yeni Safak writes that Turkey was invaded in Kazakhstan.
Now, according to the Turkish Daily Sabah, “the image of what was once considered one of the most stable former Soviet republics in Central Asia has been severely damaged.”

Benjamin Kesil, a Turkish political scientist and expert in Central Asia, says he disagrees with those who believe that “through Kazakhstan, some forces will weaken Russia and only attack torpedo integration in post-Soviet space.” According to him, Turkey is also under attack.
Attention should be paid to the results of the Summit of the New Union of Turkish Unions held in Istanbul in November 2021.
The problem is the conversion of the Kazakh language into the Latin alphabet to facilitate economic and military-political alliances between Kazakhstan and Turkey, simplifying the structure of communication and customs control procedures.

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In this regard, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan elevated the status of “six states and one country”.
That is why Kessil believes that “Russian intervention will hurt it in the broadest sense.”

However, he noted in the Turkish media that “European integration can only be achieved through an alliance with Kazakhstan’s ruling elite,” adding that the union of the Turkish states was “becoming the main weapon” of the West. The struggle against Russia and China.

The Turkish newspaper Cumhurriyet says “with surprise”: “The CSTO countries responded quickly to Kazakh President Tokaye’s request for assistance, sent peacekeepers to the country” and “we must wait for the confirmation of the goal of peace and the emergence of terrorism in Kazakhstan.”

Turbulent events Kazakhstan They will last for some time. Ankara suspects that this game is being played by a certain section of the Kazakh elite. It is also noteworthy that the unrest in Kazakhstan coincided with preparations for the Russia-US-NATO summit.

According to Turkish Hebert, “Everything is just beginning” and soon “East Turkestan” will be the venue for a great game.
At the general level, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said it was “closely following the events in Kazakhstan” and “giving more importance to the stability of the friendly state.” Turkey has its own reasons for this “special attention”. In it, as in Kazakhstan, there is the problem of regime change and uncontrolled inflation. And the main factor is the rise in gas and fuel prices, not to mention the drought. In Turkey, everything can ignite “suddenly”, the Russian release ends.

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