A research team in Cyprus has identified a new corona virus strain in 25 cases

New Corona virus strain Dr. Professor of the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Cyprus. Leondios Gostrigis. According to a website broadcast by Professor sigmalive.com, Says it is a mutation Deltacron It has been identified in 25 cases and the strains appear to have a genetic background of mutation. Delta. “We find a significant number of variants identified only in Omigran, which differ from other strains in that its gene contains 30 different variants, from which In the incidents we identified in Cyprus 10 types of Omicron were identified. “There is international interest …”, he said specifically.

He explained, “Of the 25 patients diagnosed with the new mutation, 11 were hospitalized and 14 were related to the general population. The incidence of new mutation in patients was higher than in non-patients. We can say that the association of deltacron with a disease that requires treatment is not accidental.

Dr. Gostrikis said it was named because it was about Delta and Omigron executives. “There are rumors that such a mutation has been reported, but it has not been identified in any country.”

Finally, with regard to its spread, Drs. Kostrikis said It remains to be seen whether Omicron and Delta will succeed However, according to his own analysis, he hopes the new executive will be able to replace Omigran.

Source: sigmalive.com.cy

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