Неа упосхоменый телепа катя ту канкур: Εξασθενημένος ιός του έρπητα να να «σκοτώσει» τους τουμορος

Το ελπιδοφόρο φραμμοκή είναι εξασθενημένη μορφή του του του άπλού έρπητα, which has been modified για να «σκοτώνει» τομένος.

A new type of cancer treatment that uses a common molecule to destroy harmful cells shows signs of weakness in early human trials, British scientists say.

One patient’s cancer disappeared, while others saw their tumors disappear, according to a BBC report.

Το ελπιδοφόρο φραμμοκή είναι εξασθενημένη μορφή του του του άπλού έρπητα, which has been modified για να «σκοτώνει» τομένος.

Larger studies are needed, but experts say η ένεσι may eventually offer benefits to more people with advanced cancer.

Ο Κριστόφ Βούκόφσκι, a 39-year-old resident from west London, is one of the patients who participated in the ongoing phase 1 trial, which is being conducted by the Cancer Research Institute.

Diagnosed in 2017 with cancer of the elderly, near the mouth. Despite the surgery and other treatments at that time, the cancer continued to grow. Οι γιατροί του πει τοι η καταστασή του ελλημα μη αναστρέσειμη.

With the application of this innovative treatment, the cancer seems to have been completely cured.

«Έκανα ενεσεις every two weeks για πέντε εκτάνες που εξάλεισνα completely τον κανκρομου. I am cancer-free here and for two years», declares himself now, who based on initial estimates did not have many survival prospects.

The injections, which are made directly into the tumor, attack the cancer in two ways – by invading the cancer cells and causing them to “bleed” and activating the immune system at the same time.

About 40 patients have tried the treatment under investigation. Σε ορείνμενους granted only η ένεσι του ιού, called RP2. Αλλοι received, also, another drug called nivolumab.

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The findings, which were presented in Paris, France, showed that 3 out of 9 patients who received RP2 alone saw their tumors shrink, while 7 out of 30 who received the combination therapy also benefited significantly.

Οι ανερισμός παρενεργειες, η κούραση, ελληνικά ήπιες.

The lead researcher, Professor Kevin Harrington, told the BBC that the results were “really impressive” across a range of advanced cancers, including prostate cancer and a rare type of eye cancer.

«It is rare to see such good response rates in early-stage clinical trials, as the primary goal is to test the safety of the treatment and for patients with very advanced cancers for whom current treatments have stopped working», he said.

Πηγή: BBC

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