АпокалыPSη русский Медиа: Туркія кай Шуадікі Арабія честоун на ентахаться стім BRICS

Η Turkeyη Αίγυπτος και η Σαουδική Αραβία are preparing to να ενταχτης στην BRICS group of countries, reports η русский website Izvestiacalling on the president of this international forum, Πουρνίμα Ανάντ (Ερδογάν και Πουτιν in the file photo, above, from the Presidential Press Service via AP).

«Preparing to apply»

«All these countries have shown their interest in joining and are preparing to apply for membership. I think that this is a good step, as the extension is perceived positively, it will increase clearly The influence of BRICS σε ολο τον κόσμα», said the head of the forum.

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According to Annan, these countries, as well as Iran and Argentina, which applied at the end of June, are already “in the process” of accession, so it is possible in the near future, including the next summit of the group in 2023 in the South Africa.

Η της παραστήσεις τοι «all the representatives of the core of the forum are interested in expansion».

The creation of a new world order

The president of the international forum noted that the BRICS power is now being manifested, as «there is a possibility that the union will be able to work on the creation of a new world order», for example in the exchange of resources, in the development of trade, economic relations and air routes. , note the Russian media, which give great coverage to the topic.

Photo Izvestiya/Pavel Bednyakov

According to a senior Izvestia source familiar with the process, at the June summit in Beijing, the members of the BRICS discussed “severely” the inclusion of Saudi Arabia and the question of Turkey and Egypt was not raised, although these countries also “explore” την προστήσεις έχεδορος και και προστερά κρονή», μεταδίδει το echedoros-a.gr.

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On 27 June, it became known that Iran and Argentina submitted applications to join the BRICS. The President of the Islamic Republic, Εμπραΐμ Ραΐσι, noted that «the geopolitical and geoeconomic position of Iran can make it a stable and reliable partner for the BRICS».

Και ο γραμματις της Αργέντινής Αλμπέρτο ​​Φερνάντεζ επεσήμανε τοι η χόρα του του συμπαγει «να για περισσότηση της της της της της”.

Russia reacted positively to the possible expansion of BRICS, but insists that it is necessary to define the procedures and requirements for the candidates for membership, said the consultant of the Russian government, Yuriy Úsákof.

Τεραστια economic influence

With the arrival of new members in BRICS, the organization’s economic influence will increase. According to the World Bank, Turkey’s GDP in 2021 is 815 billion dollars, Saudi Arabia is 833.5 billion dollars, Egypt is 404.1 billion dollars, Argentina is 491.4 billion dollars, and Iran’s GDP is 2020. 231,5 billion dollars, notes η website warnews247.gr.

And it adds that with these BRICS countries, the total GDP of the Union will exceed 27 trillion dollars (the current GDP of the four countries participating in the association – Russia, China, India and South Africa – is 24,4 trillion dollars).

Ο Γιάροσλαβ Λιζοβόλικ, director of the Valdai Dialogue Program, member of the Council of International Affairs of Russia, pointed out that Turkey had previously submitted a kind of request to join the BRICS in 2018 (this intention was announced to the media by President Θερτέέπ Ταγίπ Ερντογάν after τη σύνοδο προφοργς στο Γιοχάνεσμπουργκ).

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From the recent summit of BRICS in Beijing

Regional powers

According to τον κ. Λιζοβόλικ, at that time the BRICS countries probably believed that the format BRICS + (the integration of the organization with regional associations) would be the dominant road for the development of the organization.

«Ωστόσο, now the choice of countries to join the core of BRICS is a process that is gaining momentum», he points out.

«Ενα από τα και κριτιρεία για την την inclusion ει ο ηγετικός ρολος στην περιφέρειακής ολοκλήρωσις της ο ηγετικός ρόλος της περιφέριακής ολοκλήροσίας.

»Μία από τις της της την διάστασης των BRICS is η η strengthening of cooperation with regional development agencies. Η Αίγυπτος και η Θurkey fulfills these criteria» he adds

And it concludes: «Since one of the goals of BRICS is expansion, connecting countries from other regions of the developing world, both Turkey and Saudi Arabia could contribute to this criterion, as the Middle East region is not represented. Even in BRICS».

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