Τησφιακοί νομάδες: Έρχονται οι families who live traveling

For most of us, vacations and holidays travel Accompanied by the… date of expiry. Λίγες και ξεγνοιασιάς και και και στην στην κράή everyday life.

The idea is different Travel offers life experiences It is widely accepted. Та мегала каі пакірана теєроунтан поше, however προορίζονταν για νημιορους adultsbefore «νοικοκυρευτούν», ή για περισσότερους, whose children had grown up.

But, things change, according to me BBC articleas more and more families decide to «take the streets».

What are the working nomads?

Tzoel Young, 38, plans his lifestyle to provide his children with a high level of cultural integration, combined with a diverse learning experience.

Young, a voice actor, who runs his production company, and his wife, Tzena, 39, travel in the United States for up to six months a year with their three sons, ages eight to ten. οι και και κατ’ οίκον education.

«Η Tζένα κι εγο μεγαλώσαμε σε προφορίες του Οχάιο, σε rural communities. First time I got on the plane. We wish we had seen and experienced more before making critical life decisions», says Yang, and adds: «We want our children to have the advantage of having everything. It’s something that leads to better decision-making».

This particular family is part of a growing demographic group of parents who choose to travel long distances with their children. According to the study of Lonely Planet and the platform of professional professionals Fiverr, slowly and steadily emerges a new type of worker, ο «ergázёменос апос вечерно».

A new «breed» of digital nomads who, instead of working as freelancers, have permanent employment as knowledge workers and their base wherever they want.

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Of the 1,400 participants of the survey, who belonged to 67 different nationalities, 54% self-identified as «working from anywhere» and 70% were parents who took their children with them on their trips.

«Before the pandemic, I knew very few families who could operate legally», writes the Lonely Planet writer Sarah Stokking. But, the landscape changed. Additionally, many more people work with more flexible terms and parents have more experience in non-traditional education.

Parents who embrace a lifestyle full of travel believe their children have a lot to gain, whether it’s exposing them to new languages ​​and cultures and important skills such as resilience and adaptability, or cultivating an appetite for adventure.

The dangers

However, experts warn that children may lose out on the sense of community and continuity they gain by growing up in one place. While η εκ αποστάσεως work frees up more families to explore new possibilities, η understanding the potential risks of such a lifestyle is critical in order to capitalize on its benefits.

The Youngs believe that their children learn more by traveling than by being in a classroom.

«Learning becomes part of your life more easily when you see things, than when you see them every day», says Οζόελ. «We will equip ourselves, so that when we find out that we have potential and skills, we will say: ‘I am ready,’ and someone will pay us to do it. Ασθο το το προστασίαω ως και και για να στήσω μια της’», continues ο τήσεις.

The teacher Λούσι Αλεξάντρα Σπένσερ, based in the United Kingdom, is the director of the private education company Education Boutique, and accompanies families on long-term trips. Agree that learning through life experiences has its benefits.

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«One of the reasons you do it is to offer children freedom of thought. Να τα κάνες να δουν How great is ο κόσμος και how many different opportunities are out there. Also, realizes πως η learning δεν παρασταιει ποτεί».

Although Yang and Spencer paint a picture of an idyllic lifestyle, where cultural exploration meets adventure, experts express caution if a family spends many months traveling, and note that parents-to-be nomads should be aware of the potential drawbacks.

Η special anaptyξιολογος δρ. Τζόντι Λε Βος warns that a lack of routine and a wider support network can be harmful to children, even if they are exposed to a variety of cultural experiences.

«Ειδικά τα young children usually αποζητουν μια σημαση οικειοτίας. This can be difficult if time zones, physical environment and social contacts change».

The families of digital nomads say they have taken these factors into account. In the long term, they consider the possibilities of education at home and plan to deal with the concept of «synergy» by staying close to friends who also travel.

Συναρπαστική ή demanding

Ο τρόπος με τον και δομούν τη ζωή τους οι families who live «ταξιδεύοντας» depends on the requirements of each family.

However, there are not a few who believe that as more people challenge the structures that define work and education, more and more different ways of family life will be «normalized».

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