Σφαγή του Μονάχου: Why Germany pays tribute to dead athletes after 50 years

Η Federal Government of Germany announced on Wednesday that it intends to compensate the first-degree relatives of the 11 Israeli athletes who were murdered during the terrorist attack that took place on September 5, 1972 during the Olympic Games of Monaco. The exact amount to be provided was not announced.

Documents of documents

A total of 23 members of Israel’s athletes who have lived their lives in Greece, Speaking to the newspaper Χα’ Αρετςclaim that the German government’s decision to compensate is related to the 50th anniversary of the 5/9/2022 event, as reported by the ΚΥΠΕ.

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Therefore, the German State Archives will now be obliged to declassify thousands of documents that demonstrate the errors and omissions of the German security authorities, both before the terrorist attack and during its aftermath.

Οι συγγενείς των θυμάτων κατηγορούν για ολιγωρία και τις ισραηλινές κύπερνήσεις, οι φερονται στην προτημασαν να προτημασαν να μεν εκαντλήσεις τα διεύσης το διεθέταν in order not to disturb οι ισραηλινο-GERMANικής interstate relations.

With the end of the 1972 Olympic Games, the German government, through the German Red Cross, paid the costs of transporting the bodies of 11 Israeli athletes from Germany by air to Israel and to the families of the victims, the total amount of one million dollars.


According to the sympathizers of the victims, this procedure was due to the refusal of the German government to show any responsibility for the death of Israeli athletes.

20 years ago, after the issue was raised again by the German media, the German government declared that it would pay another three million dollars as a sign of good will, but again without accepting any other responsibility.

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According to the victim’s victims, more than 2/3 of the above amount was paid as legal fees to the German lawyers who handled their cases.

The High Court of Germany rejected the request of the jurors, arguing that the legal infringement had occurred, resulting in their multi-year judicial effort falling into the void.

With today’s announcement by the German federal government, this long-running case seems to be coming to an end, even in view of the events that are expected to take place on Monday, September 5, 2022, to mark the 50th anniversary of the tragic event. History of the Olympic Games.

It’s still stuck

Η το τορσορισική ενέργια που στοιχειονή την ενδέκατη day, γράφε το sansimera.gr.

In the early hours of the morning, eight armed men of the Palestinian organization «Μαύρος Σεπτέμβρης» managed to enter the Olympic Stadium, despite strict security measures. They went to the building of the expedition and after they killed a coach and a barrister, they arrested 9 people, while the rest of the athletes and companions were killed.

In order to free their enemies, the terrorists demanded from the governments of the then East Germany and Israel the release of 234 Palestinians who were held by the Israelis, the release of the German terrorists Andreas Mbáander and Olyrike Maynhof, as well as their safe escape from West Germany. .

Their requests were not accepted either by the German Chancellor Billy Brand or by the Prime Minister Gkolnda Meir. The Germans, however, offered to give a large sum of money to the captors in order to free them or replace them with German citizens. Οι παλαιστίνιοι τρομοκράτες refused the offer and insisted on their terms.

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Παταγώδης failure

After the German authorities refused to cooperate with the Israelis, they developed a plan aimed at trapping the terrorists at a nearby airport, forcing them to escape. The plan, however, failed miserably.

On the night of September 5th, German snipers fired at the airport and killed 9 terrorists. From the exchange of gunfire, τον θαναταν παναμαν, also, οι πέντε από τους Ακτού άραβες τρομοκράτες (οι τρεις συνέλημεσαν) and a German policeman. In total, η τορσορισική ενεργια του Μονάχου κόστισε 17 ανθρώπινες ζωές.

All countries condemned the attack. Οι αραβικής σιώπησαν, with the sole exception of την Ιορδανία. The reaction of Germany’s special forces did not remain unanswered, as many doubts were expressed about the way they handled the case and it was argued that a different approach would have prevented the bloodshed.

The Germans thus had a great opportunity – if they wanted it – to restore their name to the Olympic movement, which had been stigmatized by the Olympic Games in Berlin (1936), which had been organized by Hitler.

Life must go on

Many people argued that with so many dead, the event should be stopped, but the ΙΟΕ decided that life should continue and the athletes should wear their uniforms again. The next day, at the memorial service – 80,000 people gathered at the Olympic Stadium in Monaco and the flags waved. For 32 hours, the matches were over, but the president of the ΔΟΕ, Ειβερι Βραντεϊτζ, announced τη συνέχισή τους.

Three days later, on September 8, Israel attacked the Palestinian army in Libya and Syria, with the death toll exceeding 100. ταφηκαν με την ηρώων.

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On October 29, 1972, Lufthansa’s plane, which was running the route Δαμασκός – Τρανκφουρτη, was hijacked and the German authorities yielded to the demands of the Arab hijackers and fired three épiζώντες παλαιστίνίους τρομοκράτες της Ταγής του Ονάχου. Απόληση παραμμαν καταφύγιο στη Λιβύη, Αρχείο δεν επεζησαν για πολύ. Εξολοθρεύτης από τη Μοσάντ (ισραηλινή secret service), in the context of the operation «Οργή Θεου».

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