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Here and there, every reference to the manufacturers of the tracking systems Pegasus and Predator is usually limited to the fact that it’s about “partnerships”. However, a series of “incidents” reveal the terrifying control that is exerted on countries that use these applications.

In a building in Νιου Tζέρσεϊ the FBI maintains for years the most powerful cell phone tracking system ever created. This is the infamous Pegasus of the NSO company, but also an advanced form of it, the Phantom, which can also track American mobile phones.

According to an earlier investigation by the New York Times, despite the fact that the federal agency paid about five million. Dollars για να το προμηθευση, decided not to use it – after of course first το τοκίμασε. In November 2021, the US put NSO on the «dark list», prohibiting American companies from working with it, which caused significant problems in the supply of the Israeli company. The reason was clear: «The company was acting against the interests of the national security of the USA».

As we learned from this column in 2018, the NSO was staffed almost exclusively by former Israeli military and secret service officials and mainly by members of the UNIT 8200 group – the equivalent of the American NSA. But the same applies to some of the companies involved in the creation of Predator. According to Forbes magazine, Cytrox was created in 2018 by Ταλ Ντιλιάν, the former commander of Μονάδα 81 των ισραηλινόν ενσρανη δυνάμεων και ιδρυτή της Intellexa.

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Οπως mentioned before από κράνιο ο αναλυτής και author Σιρ Χέβερ, units such as η UNIT 8200 initially ανεπτυσσαν συμπατήσεις της για να εκβιάσων Παλαιστίνιους aξιοματούχους. «Εάν ένο το το σομένος συγγενής τους άλλάόδος του άνε να το έβιαζων το το του κοπεί all access σε γιατρούς και χομάτις ο Εάν το το το συμφυλόφιλος θα το την την την την την του του έχέβερ.

When the development of this technology passed into the hands of private companies, such as NSO, the government required a license from the Ministry of Defense for each sale of their systems abroad. As the former partner of the Israeli prime minister at the time, Benjamin Netanyahu, points out, «with the ministry controlling the movement of these systems, we will be able to use them to gain diplomatic benefits». And they did.

According to New York Times editors, Ронен Πέργκμαν και Μαρκ Μαζέτι, the countries that agreed with the Israeli government to promote surveillance systems like Pegasus, gradually began to vote in favor of Israel in the UN vote. Το δεικότεις ελληνικά τα προτερίδες του Μεξικού (όπου το Pegasus was used with μαφιόζικες methods against διομοσιογραφον και των οικογενειος τους) και της Ιντιας. Two countries, which traditionally supported the Palestinians, began abstaining from voting or even voting in favor of Israel.

When he gained access to Pegasus, a similar turn was made by Panama, several countries of the Persian Gulf and especially Saudi Arabia, which is accused of using it to track down and then assassinate and fight the Washington Post journalist Tzamál Κασόγι. Προφανώς η συσχέτιση δεν απόδεικήει causation, but the cases of countries changing their attitude towards Israel as soon as προμηθευθουν monitoring systems are many για να περασουν απαρατήρητες.

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Reading the list published by the research laboratory Citizen Lab and the company Meta (μητρική του Facebook) of the countries in which the Predator is used, one can easily distinguish that almost all of them maintained (or acquired) very friendly relations with the government. Israel. These are Ελλάδα, Αρμενία, Αίγυπτο, τη Σαουδική Αραβία, το Ομάν, την Κολομβία, την Εκτή Ελεφαντοστου, το Βιετνάμ, τις Τιλιππίνες και τη germany.

While it is clear that some of these countries have offered Israel diplomatic concessions to gain the ability to monitor their citizens, it remains unknown whether Israel’s intelligence services have direct access to the data being collected. Опос езигуше a year ago to the Guardian «the person who maintains a close relationship with NSO» and the American authorities believe that «the Israeli has access to the data collected by the company’s clients». Also, former US security officials told the Washington Post that “it is assumed that Israel had some kind of access – through the system’s “kérkóportes” – to data collected through such surveillance tools”.

If επιβεβαιωτής τους οι information opens a new chapter in the case, as θα αποδειχτεί τοι στινα τα τα τα τα το το προστές του περισσότερα προστές της οι της οι της οι προστέρητα στης του στης του Israel’s intelligence services. If a prime minister used the relevant application to monitor members of his own government, this would mean that Israel would gain, in power, even access to secret meetings of the cabinet and other institutions. Let’s not forget that both the Pegasus and the Predator can activate the microphone, camera and GPS system at any time.

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The use of such tracking applications may indeed be related to the flow of critical national security information. In this case, however, the people responsible for the «national production» will not be those who are being watched, but those who are watching.


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