Η Gazprom does not open Nord Stream on Saturday – new damage is expected

Ο χαγωός να αναμενοταν να να το της της της της περισσότερα τα τα τα last 24ωρα – The damage was detected after inspection at the portovaya compression station – Η διάρροή ολικός δεν δεν σύρος για να της της της της περισσότερα της τα τα τα τα last 24 hours.

Ο αγωγός natural gas Nord Stream 1 δεν θα ρεαραλείτρονήσει tomorrow Saturday, announced αιφνιδίως η Gazprom

The Russian company is citing new damage to the turbine’s engine and declined to specify when it will be able to reopen the gas pipeline to the Europe.

This particular action, considered in Europe, is a decision by Vladimir Putin, as a reaction to the decisions to cap the purchase prices of Russian natural gas and oil, which have been taken by the Europeans and the G7.

According to Gazprom, the pipeline showed an oil leak at the compression station Portovaya.

The damage was detected after an inspection carried out together with executives from Siemens, which is involved in the maintenance of the pipeline, said Gazprom.

The Russian company claims that the repair of leaks in the main engines is possible only in specialized workshops, which Russia previously had, but now their operation has been affected due to Western sanctions.

Ои парадоссе на гастаматоун также на епилють отво, проздэтэтатье сті страница.

It’s not the first time that Russia has shut down its natural gas pipeline. In July, the Russian oil and gas company completed the project through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline for 10 days, called «maintenance maintenance».

Реаларетиоургише денка дяга later, but σε πολο μειομένα rates.

Siemens: Nord Stream is not stopped due to oil leakage

The oil leak of the engine that, according to Gazprom, was detected in the last operating turbine of the compression station in Portovia does not constitute a technical reason for the interruption of the operation of the pipeline Nord Stream 1, supports the company Siemens Energy.

«These leaks don’t usually affect the operation of a truck and they can be sealed on site. It is a routine procedure in the context of maintenance work» said the German company.

Νωρίτερα, η русский Gazprom announced that the pipeline would remain closed for the time being, παρατείνοντας τη της της της του. Οι ροές ελληνικά παραγματονο να πράραρησημενο τα ξιμερώματου του Σαββάτου.

«Στο περισσότερα, also such kind of διαρροές δεν οδήγησαν σε της της της προστήσεις. Maintenance work has not been assigned to Siemens Energy yet, but we are waiting», added the company.

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«In addition to this, we have already pointed out several times that there are many other available turbines at the port compression station so as to operate Nord Stream 1», the statement concluded.

The decision to raise the prices of Russian oil by the G7

Finance ministers of the G7, the group of the world’s seven most powerful economies, plan to “immediately” impose a ceiling on the price of Russian oil and oil products, and encourage a “strong coalition” of countries to do so, they confirmed to the public. Their statement issued today.

“The upper limit of the price will be set at a level that will be based on a series of technical data and will be decided by the whole consortium before its implementation,” the seven countries wrote in this statement, confirming that future prices “will be announced.” “Publicly in a clear and transparent manner”.

“Our goal is to align the implementation with the schedule of relevant measures within the EU sanctions package,” they add.

Γέλεν: Το πλαφόν θα συμπαγές τον πληθωρισμό και θα βλάψει τη Moscow

A cap on Russian oil prices agreed by G7 finance ministers would help fight inflation while curbing Moscow’s ability to finance its war in Ukraine, US Treasury Secretary Tzaneen Gelen said today. .

Το πλαφόν contributes to the achievement of “των διττών μασμος στην στην Κρανική, Ασκοντας πριστής για την την για για την για για για της για της για της για για και της πουτιν της της της της της του να για να να έναυσο πόλεμό του στην Україна”.

Ο Ιάπωνας Minister of Finance Σουνίτσι Σουζούκι called for the agreement of the Finance Ministers of the Group of Seven to determine the upper limit of the price of Russian oil exports and asked for the rapid implementation of this decision.

Ο Σουζούκι said to the journalists that το πλαφόν θα συντείνει στην άμβλυνηματος το της της της της της της του πληθορισμός.

Μεντβέντεφ: We will close the gas in Europe

Former President of Russia Ντμίτρι Μεντβέντεφ He said that Russia would stop supplying gas to Europe if Brussels proceeded to impose a tariff on Russian gas.

Αντιδροντας σε κορματής της της της έρωπεική Κέμηση, Ούρσουλα φον ντερ Lάιεν, για Enforcement of the ceiling Στην τιμή που πελέει η Ερόπερα για το φυσικά γήσεις, ο Μεντβέντεφ wrote in the messaging application Telegram: “Απλώς δεν θα έρωση ρυσσός για στην Επόροπη”.

Φον ντερ Λάιεν: Ήρθε η χρωμα για πλαφόν στις της του русский natural gas

As he pointed out, η movement is necessary in order for η ЕЕ на наполните тис αποπειρες του Ρώσου προσείου Βλαντίμιρ Πυτιν Manipulate the European energy market.

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То плафон стін тиме ту газі means that Ε.Ε will decide overall a maximum price, above which it will refuse to buy the Russian energy product.

In between, στις 9 September θα meet εκτάκτως οι νημιροί Ενέργειας της Ε.Ε., where in addition to the ceiling they will also discuss the decoupling of the price of electricity from that of gas, while στις 14 September, η Φον ντερ Λάιεν θα και και της της της Κομισιόν.

As mentioned by το moneyreviewη The Commission examines the two models of the island that are already being implemented with success, the Greek and the Irish, plus a Greek proposal submitted in July to the Council of Ministers of Energy by Κώστας Σκρέκας, in order to modify its proposals for a common European response to the energy crisis. For the first time during a long and deep energy crisis, η Ε.Ε. Appears open to consider all available options for price deregulation, protecting the model of marginal pricing of the electricity market that has been generous throughout the previous period, supporting the countries of the North in the requests of the Island for structural changes.

The Greek model

According to the document of the Commission which is requested by Reuters, η Ε.Ε. As a measure of direct intervention, the Greek model is considered, which provides for a cap on the technology of power generation in which the producers are reimbursed, while the difference from the marginal price determined each time the expensive natural gas is imported by the state and directed through the Energy Transition Fund. (ΤΕΜ) στις επιδοτήσεις λύγονμών διατήσεις, notes ρεπορτάζ της Καθημερινής.

«Μια intervention θα εισαγάγει limit της για technologies of electricity generation that have lower operating costs (σ.σ. λιγνίτης, ΑΠΕ κ.λπ.) than τους σταντες ελεπτροποράδρής με γάσσις», the document states. The aim of the intervention is to separate the commercial returns of the power generation in question from the current price of electricity, which has been inflated as a result of the increase in natural gas prices. The cap on the price of certain technologies could generate financial resources for the states, which would then be used by governments to introduce measures to limit retail energy prices for consumers.

The note, according to Reuters, «presents a first set of measures to optimize the operation of European electricity markets and reduce the impact of natural gas prices on the prices paid by consumers».

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It is noted that Ελληνας Ενέργειας και Περιβάλλοντος, Κώστας Σκρέκας, has already sent letters to 26 of his counterparts, in which he describes the Greek proposal for a mechanism to recover surplus energy from power companies, which has been implemented in Greece for two months now with significant results. «Έχουμε ανακτήσει για τον August almost 900 εκτ. Euro from the electricity companies and we have led the energy transition tax to subsidize the bills of the Greeks», he said characteristically.

The Iberian model

At the center of the debate is the Irish model, which provides for the imposition of a ceiling on the price of natural gas used for electricity generation. The difference with the import price is covered by a special tax imposed on consumers. Το cost of compensation της πλαφόν και της της πλάφον και της της πληροφοριες το την Ε.Ε. As many states. Both models, however, can be implemented immediately and produce results within a month, so they will be reviewed by the Commission.

Η Россия «ковеи» каи то то то то стильный стильный плафон стін тиме

Η Russia θα Αναστέλει τις προμήθειες Oil And oil products in the states, which will decide to limit the price of oil, said to reporters on Thursday, the vice president of the government. Αλεξάντερ Νόβακμεταδέσε το πρακτορείο TASS.

«If they impose restrictions on prices, we will not sell oil and petroleum products to such companies or countries that impose restrictions, as we will not work competitively»he said.

Novák also criticized the proposals to impose restrictions on the price of Russian oil as “completely absurd”, adding that the measure could completely destroy the global oil market.

«Interference with the mechanisms of the market of such an important industry as the oil industry, which is the most important from the point of view of ensuring the energy security of the whole world, such efforts will only destabilize the oil industry, the oil market», he said. Noting that European and American consumers are already paying high prices for energy now, they will pay for the meter first.

«This will completely destroy the market»stressed ο Ρώσος αναπληρίτης πράμειρισμός.

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