Η Россия епифиранней то интересный Ернтоган: «Ан телей на гечение между ту SCO, может не напол то ΝΑΤΟ»

The request for integration Turkey Тон Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)μόνον στοφές η στηντε ποφορεία από το ΝΑΤΟθα επισμασει η συμμαχία, για αποκάλυπεσε οπορείος Αξιοματούχος του русский министрацию Откресниї.

The new organization is the spiritual tectonic of the Russian and Chinese leaders. Vladimir Putin and Si Jinping Accordingly, it seems to be intended for the cooperation of states similar to the Cold War Convention.

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«Ξεκίνησε ως μια λεκή ομαδοίηση που περισσότερα το το το το της της το της περισσότερων στο το κατέσεις» επισημαίνει ο Charles Kupchan, professor of international relations at Georgetown University in the USA. «Now it gains members and increases its μεγεθός, beginning to show itself in the institution with greater capacity and weight».

In addition to China and Russia, the group includes India and five «σταν»: Πακιστάν, το Τατζικιστάν, το Καζακστάν, το Κιργιστάν και το ΟΝμπεκιστάν.

Under consideration of the request of Turkey

As stated by Bakhtiyor Khakimov, Special Representative of the President of Russia for SCO Affairs and General Counsel of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to RIA Novosti, the SCO will consider Turkey’s application to join the association as soon as it arrives.

It was preceded by the statement of Ρετζέπ Ταγίπ Ερντογάν, according to which the goal of της Άγκυρας is η στον στον SCO. It is noted that Turkey participated in the Synod last week as «εταίρος διαλόγου».

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According to Χακίμοφ, Turkey has long participated in the work of the SCO, but also participates in competitive practical events. «If the application is received, it will be carefully considered. At the moment there is no application» επεσήμανε ο Περισμός, who later became more clear about Turkey’s participation in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

«We have regulations for the admission of new members, which provide for a number of criteria, including the position in the Eurasian region, the active maintenance of diplomatic trade and economic relations and cultural ties with the member states of the SCO, the absence of conflicts with the two states. The SCO and its non-involvement in external conflicts, the absence of sanctions by the UN Security Council, but also its non-participation in activities and blocs hostile or directed against the members of the SCO» wrote Ακίμοφ, to emphasize that Turkey is a member of ΝΑΤΟ το κόφος «ανακρήσε τη Λουσία not only αντιπαλο, but ενόμερό νουμερο εννα».

Андридрасесье сть Германия гия ти тему Андроган сті Сінодо

It is worth noting that the presence of the Turkish president at the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization has caused reactions in almost the entire political spectrum of Germany, including that of Olafo.

Μιλοντας μετα από τη και της της τον Ταγίπ Ερντογάν σον UNO, ο Ολαφ Σολτς emphasized that ο SCO «isn’t an organization that has an important contribution to the global synύπαρξη. So, I am very disturbed by this development. But, at the end of the day, it is important to agree on what will drive us so that we can clarify that Russia’s war in Ukraine cannot be successful,” said the German, according to Reuters.

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For his part, the representative of the foreign policy, Γιούργκεν Τριτίν, calls for a «more dynamic» policy towards Turkey, even economic measures, while «severe error» characterizes the stance of the SPD representative.

“Το ΝΑΤΟ and η European Union should therefore ask themselves how long they will allow (Ταγίπ) Ερντογάν to drag them by the nose” said Οτρίν in the newspaper “Die Welt” and emphasized: “Η Η Η Η ΝΑΤΟ Το Το ΝΑΤΟ να προτειζει το ΝΑΤΟ να το ΠΑπάρκο”. Weapons of the United Nations. Κανει γεωτρήσεις στην Ελληνικά ΑΟΖ. Turkey, a member of NATO, is doing more than China to comply with European sanctions against Russia. Ο Ερντογάν φρενάρει την της Τινλανδίας και της Συδείας στο ΝΑΤΟ. And now he wants to join the SCO together with Iran. It is time for a more dynamic policy against Turkey».

As επεσήμανε το στέλεχος των Πρασίνων, given that no one can escape from ΝΑΤΟ, economic measures must be taken at the expense of Turkey.

From the side of the Σοσιαλδημοκρατών (SPD), ο responsible for foreign policy matters Νιλς Σμιντ considers the plan of Ταγίπ Ερντογάν a «several mistake» and interprets it as a new attempt to divert attention from τις εωτερικής political difficulties. «For foreign policy, this is one more symbolic step away from the world and its values ​​– a serious political mistake for the future of Turkey», he said. Σμιντ.

In opposition, the head of the Parliamentary Group of the Christian Union (CDU/CSU) pointed out that in recent years, Turkey, under the leadership of Tágyip Enrtogan, has repeatedly taken measures that call into question whether the country is taking the situation seriously. It is a member of ΝΑΤΟ.

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«Το φλερτ με τον SCO γιαγεινει Ανο πομπος παραπέρα. Ο organizationς has clearly different values ​​και προτεραιότες από το ΝΑΤΟ και στρέφεται στην και vs. μας», noted ο κ. Βάντεπουλ στη Welt και συνέχισε:

«Πρέπει να στον κ. Ερντογάν πολύ ξεκάθαρα τοτι μια εκτροπή δεν είναι εἰφικτή να συμπαγή με τις περισσότης του ΝΑΤΟ. Once again it seems how problematic is the fact that Ακαγκελάριος Σολτς until today has not built a good, reliable dialogue relationship with τον Ταγίπ Ερντογάν».

On the contrary, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) stands for Turkey, with its leader Τίνο Χρουπάλα stating that Αγγυρα “obviously recognized during the war in Ukraine that multiple political options are needed in a multi-polar world, but in the country Especially the Greens prevent us from these choices and so the one-sided dependence on the West remains».

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