Η мегила херасия «dry» тін Европека кая опеча μνήμες μεσαίωνα

Στιγμές Μεσαίωνα виωνει τους είναιστης μένας η Europeas η is prolonged Dry season Even in countries with… ultra-suspiciousness, known for their cold temperatures, it has deepened the concern among experts about the effects and duration of the new climate crisis που θυμίζει strongly previous historical phases οι κόμεταβαλη άρδην στο παρεσμά τους σταιρές και και περισσότερα. And if the pandemic of the corona virus recalled in historical memory the “Maury Phanôlì”, which struck the European continent during the Middle Ages, the indications of the last days in the thermometers bring closer the possibility of the repetition of the “medieval warm period”, which melted the ice. का बाइन्य तिस फित टेट forms of economic and social organization, as it imposed new conditions on the productive process.

Although the decline of European seas and the receding waters of lakes and beaches have brought to the surface older monuments, villages, sunken ships, famous gardens and monuments of luxury, but also parts of bridges of Roman antiquity, θησαυροί της επόρωπας «χαμένης Ατλαντίδας» is not enough to guarantee the containment of prices, the energy efficiency, but also the maintenance of the standard of living of the European citizens, which sinks together with the waters προμηνύοντας wider social and economic upheavals. The fact that the European Commission overcame the usual slowness of its reactions, characterizing the current drought as «the worst in the last 500 years» is rapidly updating the messages on the «pêtrês peînas», drawn on the waterline of the rivers, as a permanent warning of danger to its inhabitants. Европекачес епикратеиас, кондуан тутуся анадыонать се антистоичес climatological conditions.

Status alert

«Αν με δεις, κλάψε», is characteristically written on one of the stones that were originally carved in the 15th century and reappeared due to the fall of the waters in 1616 in the river Elba, confirming not only the periodicity of the natural phenomenon per the saints, but mainly the situation Due to the drought several European countries have declared a state of emergency, taking drastic measures to preserve their water resources.

Ηδη «το 47% της Ε.Ε. It is still on the alert level, which means that the humidity of the soil is reduced, while 17% of Ε.Ε. is on alert, which means that drought and crops are showing the effects of drought”, reports the European Commission, estimating that «64% of Europe in total is at the level of warning or alert, which also contributes to the widespread expansion of areas that Faced with the danger of fire.

In addition, the combination of drought and drought has caused «πρωτοφάνη pressure on the levels of water in the whole of Ε.Ε.», reports η επιτροπος Καινοτομίας, Ερευνας, Πολιτισμός, Ελληνικά και Νεολαίας Μαρίγια Γάμπριέλ, adding that “the forest fires that have broken out This period is significantly above average and has a significant impact on agricultural production. Every year, climate change becomes more and more noticeable”, he concludes.

2015: To the warmest summer, the story continues with drought, καύσωνα, λιώσιμο πάγων

The alarming conclusions of the same report also include low crop yields, impacts on energy production, but also an estimate for the duration of the climate phenomenon, which does not appear to be abating until next November. With these data, the predictions of Ε.Ε. This year’s harvest is rather unlikely, since it is predicted to decrease by 16% in the production of lamb and pork, 15% in the production of sorghum and 12% in the production of sunflower, when the Russian invasion of Ukraine has completely overturned the European planning for the availability of the above. Dramatically limiting available quantities of agricultural products

Η Production of energy

The worst of the drought, however, does not end here, as the rapidly sinking water levels affect the whole of Europe and the highly-pathetic energy sector in view of this year’s difficult winter, having already reduced the amount of hydropower produced by 20%. The real impact of drought on electricity production is even more noticeable in countries with high rates of nuclear energy, with the illustrative case of France, where the cooling of nuclear power plants is largely ensured by river water.

However, due to the lack of rainfall (84% last July) from the up-to-date Λίγηρα river valley, it is not excluded that the four nuclear power plants in the area will be put out of operation, driving up electricity prices in the country. . Electricite de France (EDF) has warned in recent days that in the Rhodian Valley, the Alps and the Κυανή Εκτή, areas that generate more than 70% of the country’s hydroelectricity, production has decreased by 60% since January. τα όποια περιθώρια ελιγμών για το Ελιζέ in the energy field, εν ψει και το νωμα ανατιμήσεινος στις του του για για.

Of note are the effects of the drought on coal-fired power generation, since the historic low level of the River Rhine in Germany has multiplied the time of cross-river transport, limiting the volume of goods, which in turn means lower production rates. German industry.

Also, the Σκανδιναβικές countries did not escape from the drought, as the situation in Norway is characterized by an unprecedented energy crisis, which bases the national energy production on the reserves of hydroelectric plants at a rate of 90%, with food prices down have already increased by 10% on the shelves and while the country’s authorities are already investigating the possibility of food security in the winter. At the same time, the collapse of the European rivers, such as the Ρήνος, Δούναβης and Τάμεσης, blocked the trade unions within the EU, leading the European governments one after the other to adopt emergency measures. , as another chip is coming to be added to the chip of this year’s multiple crises that are destabilizing the European way of life.

As the trees in Great Britain now have a dark color, known as “autumn autumn” due to the drought, Thames Water has imposed a ban on the use of car washes, as well as the use of water to fill toilets or other facilities, since London experienced this year «the driest July of 1885», with Τάμεση на катаграфие historical low, with the previous one in 2005.

France: How η klimatiki change brings καύσωνες και χερασία


Αυστηρά μετρά και τσουχτερά τιμολογικό η η Portugal also imposed, as the water reserves in 10 of the 61 dams of the country fell below 20% of their capacity, immediately mobilizing the authorities. In addition to the prohibition of watering in public parks, gardens and public gardens (such as the Gardens of Algarve), the Portuguese government recommended that 43 municipalities of the country temporarily increase water tariffs for large consumptions, but also to reduce the Cleaning των δρόμων until νεωτέρας.

With the Mediterranean basin showing the highest rates of drought this summer, Spain is resorting to water transport by sea, with restrictions on water use already in place in the north of the country. In the first stage, 2 million liters of water per day, while the ship will be recharged every 40 hours and certainly until October, in order to protect the water bodies in the country of Báskov, which experiences the lowest rates of rainfall since 1859.

And if Europe seems to be returning to the water levels of the Mediterranean, in the United States history has turned back 1,200 years, since the extensive drought in many states is similar to climate change, testing the capabilities of citizens and the system.

Τέξας, το Σεντ Λούις and το Κεντάκι passed through conditions of extensive drought in cataclysmic rains during the same month, with cataclysms that occur even once in a thousand years, pressing αφόρητα τος independent κτινοτρόφους βοίδες στις Δυτικές States. As the drought «kills» the grass, that is, the animal feed, for a large part of the livestock, the rise in the prices of red meat in the USA has already been predicted, symparasryrontas the flood, which is the peak of the vision in view of the mid-term elections in November. Since 68% of the respondents in California (the largest populous state) appear disappointed in the treatment of the phenomenon, it is highlighted as the first criteria that will determine the vote of the citizens.

At the same time, wheat in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska, and wheat harvests in Texas are the first casualties of U.S. agricultural production due to this year’s drought, while many U.S. farmers are selling cattle and cows unable to find food and adjusting to Above the prices of basic goods, despite the efforts of the administration to reduce the population.

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