Η Κρίτη is turning into «airplane» of Greece

Greece does not have an aircraft carrier in the narrow sense of the term. After all Few countries in the world have the privilege of having a beastly warship specially built for transportation.απονήωση και προσνήωση of fighter aircraft, as The USS Harry S. Truman, for example, is 333 meters longthe area of ​​the deck is over 4.5 meters, the displacement is 103.000 tons, it develops a speed of 30 μβων, it moves with the power given by two nuclear reactors and it has the ability to accommodate 90 fighters and over 6.500 personnel.

At the moment airplaneas noted by the acquaintances, they can even win a war from their enemies, they have the USA, Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Russia and Thailand, while India will build in the near future. και στο απώτερο η Turkey.

The largest «airplane» of the Mediterranean

However, in the metaphorical sense of the term, our country has the largest «airplane» of the Eastern Mediterranean, which is none other than its island. Κρίτης. This is how it is characterized by geopoliticians and military analysts, as it extends to a key location located in the south and north of Crete, while its eastern side faces Cyprus (also a strategic island of the Mediterranean). characterized as «air plane» however with the free part of the island being smaller in area than Crete).

Footage from military exercise Phoenix Express in Crete

«Αστακός» με… δαγκάνες σε all points of the horizon

According to safe information from the General Administration of the Greek Orthodox Church, at the moment Crete is being protected in all ways against Turkish provocation. And anyone who might have wished for the protection of the national integrity is turned into an island – «astako» with… δαγκάνες σε all points of the horizon.

Of all things that can be published, It will be created at the airport of Ηρακλείου based on helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s).). The final location has been finalized, which will be located on the eastern side of the airport, next to the old military air base of the Polish Air Force (former 126 Σμηναρχίας Μάχης που λειτούργησε για προτιφόρα το το 1946 το και το το 2015).

Military exercise
The French aircraft Charles de Gaulle landed in Crete

A fleet of helicopters will take off from the new air base of Ηρακλείου

In case of emergency, From the base of helicopters and UAVs of Ηρακλείου there will be a rapid reaction and transfer of forces to the islands of the eastern Aegean And aerial coverage east of the island. They will be able to take off from there a number of helicopters equipped with Greek armed forces, Such as the two-engine Boeing CH-47 Chinook of American manufacture (used primarily for transporting people, objects or military vehicles), the American Bell OH-58 Kiowa, the aggressive Apache as well as the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk if purchased from the United States. .

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As the Minister of Nationalism Νίκος Παναγιοτόπουλος has mentioned from the floor of the Parliament, our country is negotiating the supply of helicopters of this type, in the context of the surplus material of the superpower, εἰτασσόμενα in the wider Greek-American debate for the defense of our homeland. At the new base of Ηρακλείου is expected to have a complete anti-aircraft unit to cover it from enemy fire.

Military exercise
From the visit of the minister of the Greek nation Νίκου Παναγιοτόπουλου και του τέως πρέσβη των Τζέφρυ Πάιατ στην Περισσότης της Σουδας

Δεύτερος ναύσταμος στη Σουδα, εφάμιλλος της Σαλαμίνας

In the framework of the conversion of Crete to the Greek word, the creation of a second nation is also planned. Полемикоу Наютикоу στο προτος της Σούδας που θα εάφάμιλλος είου της Σαλαμίνας. It will be similar in size and capabilities to the most important naval station of our country, where the Naval Headquarters is based and is the base of our most important warships.

In fact, the ongoing Turkish proclivity and the declarations regarding the amendment of the regime of our islands, has led the ΓΕΕΘΑ to support the construction of the second base in Souda.

Στον χαντροό ναύσθαμο των Χανίων ελλιμενιστένος σε παράγατα, ινα υπόβρύχιο και πυραυλάκατος, except for the rest of the ships that patrol around the island. Η Σούδα Νο 2 that will be created, will be the base of at least 20 ships of each type, while we should not forget that the city is also the American military base with its personnel, offices and ammunition. Through this, the US can control the Eastern Mediterranean, the Greek Islands, the Middle East and Israel, with the ability to host aircraft – as has happened several times in the past.

Military exercise
The port of strategic importance of Σouda in Χανιά

Λίγα Παρωτοα παραμένα να δεχατης ερόπλανοφορα

For those who may not know, in our country (and in the majority of the world’s countries) there are very few ports that have the size and capacity to accommodate aircraft, so they are usually forced to be located offshore, as they are not They can reach the shores of the islands. Η The base of the body But it can accommodate them well, like the rest of the allied ships.

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The creation of a second large base of our Navy in Souda takes full advantage of its great potential, and is designed in such a way that it will be a shelter for almost our entire fleet, in the extreme case of a catastrophic enemy attack on the base. Σαλαμίνας. On this basis, there will also be all the possibilities of maintenance and repair of the ships since they will have the required tanks for such a thing, while the appropriate building facilities will be designed for the accommodation of the military and political personnel.

The «invisible eye» that scans the area

The area east of Crete and up to the critical island of Kasteloriz is now scanned 24 hours a day by the Air Force’s airborne radar. που πλέει πλέει στην και προσεγγίζει τα ελληνικά χωρικά ύδατα. In order to achieve the best result, Erieye EMB-145H AEW&C aircraft have been deployed for this specific mission, the Air Platforms of Administration and Defense, which now support aviation and naval operations.

Η χόρα μασμος has four such aircraft managed by η 380η Μοίρα Αερομεταφερομένες Συστήματα Εγκαίρου Προειδοική και Ελέγχου.

At least one of them is permanently located in the northern part of the Greek continent, flying at a height of up to 30,000 feet and moving at a speed of up to 0.75 Mach, exchanging information with other units. It is worth noting that the manufacturing company of this platform is Embraer, which creates the prime ministerial aircraft of the Hellenic Republic. The operational capacity of the pilots who operate them is such that now the officials of the ΝΑΤΟ assigned them some time ago to manage part of the marine surveillance in the area of ​​Λιβύης. It is understood that the fighter aircraft of the Polish Air Force will cooperate in the project.

Military exercise
Strátíotiki osődő AmerikanŻim stti Souða

Ενισχύεται το Λασίθι για να θωρακίστη το Καστελόριζο

The Ministry of National Defense, after a series of meetings under the head of the General Administration of National Defense, strategist Κωνσταντίνο Τλορο, has chosen to protect Καστελόριζο, strengthening Crete and its eastern part. Ήτοι τον νομό Λασιθίου που είναι ο less populated της μεγαλονήσου, brεχόμενος από θάλασσα στις του του, με το Κριτικό πέλαγος στα του στα το Κριτικό πέλαγος στα στα και το Καρπάθιο το Καρπάθιο το Μεγαλονήσου.

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It is the closest well-militarized point of Crete to Καστελόριζο and therefore the fastest to deploy armed forces in case of danger. Part of the ship is now permanently docked in the area to act catalysed if it receives orders.

Upgrading of the naval base of Κυριαμαδίου

Additionally, the naval base of Κυριαμαδίου Λασιθίου, which has the mission of supplying the necessary materials and providing facilities to the ships of the Polish Navy, is being upgraded, with the aim of maintaining their combat capability. From the above mission, the following projects are:

  • a. Ο ανεφοδιασμός των πλοίων με καύσιμα, λιπαντικά και πυρομαχικά.
  • β. Η provision of port facilities to ελλιμενιζόμενα σκαφη και υπόβρύχια
  • γ. The provision of administrative support to the personnel of the ships.

Four departments operate on the basis of Κυριαμαδίου. The Department of Administration, the Department of Economic Affairs and Supply, the Department of Defense – Security and Naval Weapons and the Department of Technical Support.

Military exercise
Σύγχρονα ταχύπλοα στη στη Σούδας military base

Η καιρια παρατήσεις των S-300

Στην Κρίτη has chosen η χώρα μασμος to store tons of ammunition and weapon systems but also to install a system of Russian-made missiles – αέρος, S-300.

Η χόρα μασμος maintains two artillery divisions S-300 PMU-1 με 12 εκτοχευτές και 96 βλήματα 48Ν6Ε1 που που περισσότερα ακτινα εμπλοκής τα 150 km. Located in Crete, these systems (which are mobile and therefore can change operational positions) protect both the air base of Souda and the rest of the military installations on the island as well as the wider geographical area even beyond Δωδεκάνησα.

According to reports, the S-300 had been moved to an island in the Aegean so that they could be closer to Turkey. But such a thing is αναληθές και από το Πεντάγωνο διαψεύδεται κατηγορηματικά σε του τους τον.

Military exercise
Ο πρισμέρισμειός στην 115 Πτέρυγα Μάχης της Σουδας
Military exercise
Screenshot from the visit of Prime Minister Κυριάκου Μητσοτάκη and του ΥΠΕΞ των Μάκικ Πομπάεο to the military base of Souda in September 2020

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