Διπλό «τειχος» towards Turkey from Germany and France – clear messages of support to Greece

A double message of support, against revisions and challenges TurkeyΕστειλαν Germany and France yesterday στην Ελλάδα.

To The first «σινιάλο» came from Germanyaccording to the meeting he had with the Prime Minister Κυριάκος Μητσοτάκης with the ΥΠΕΞ of the Federal Republic of Germany Αναλένα Πέρμποκ.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister informed the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany about the latest developments in Greek-Turkish relations. Ο κ. Μητσοτάκης reiterated the position of our country that Greece wants open communication channels with Turkey, based on international relations and good relations. Hypográμμισε, however, that Turkish provocations and challenges to sovereignty are a threat to regional stability and cannot be tolerated either by Greece or Greece.


According to information from iefimerida.gr, the Greek side was surprised to hear both privately and publicly, the German Foreign Minister να аποδεκηται ανεπιφύλακτα τα ελληνικά אורוסםימאתאchanging in this way one of the considered constants of the country’s foreign policy.

Η Mrs. Πέρμποκ, in fact, synέδεσε με συνέδεσε με το το RUSSIAN και το τURκικό τηρόσημενος, stating that the theme of territorial integrity is different in Athens than in Berlin.

“It’s the same with the two Baltic countries and their proximity to Russia,” he added. «It is important, therefore, that we open our eyes, listen, watch what has changed in the last years and see what this means for the relations between Germany and Turkey», he added.

No περιθώριο από Πέρμποκ: The Greek islands constitute Greek territory

The most clear message of Μπέρμποκ δόθηκε, however, in the meeting he had with τον ομόλογό της, Νίκο Δένδια. Απεπυτόνας στον Έλληνα Μινηρό Εστερικήών η Πέρμποκ declared explicitly that The Greek Islands constitute Greek territory και τοι η δερμανική γεπάρτης στέκεται αλελέγγυα στο πλερουρό της Ελληνικά, προς και της επόροπεικής familia.

«Ξέρω τοι από τη της σας σας οι γείτονές σας, η Turkey, σας σας σας σε έλος πληροφοριες, η η για Πέρμποκ. «Συζητασημα επι μακρόν επ’ είνου, because the things are different today than they were 15 years ago. For me it is clear that οι συγκρούσεις της εταίρων στο ΝΑΤΟ must be επιλύονται through της περισσότερας. Και αυτό άλλωστε, η διενεξη στος κινόλους της συμμαχίας, είνα αυτό που δεισεί ο Τουτιν».

It is worth emphasizing that in the context of the same meeting, the issue of German aid was raised with the Greek government.

Εξαλλος ο Τσαβούσογλου: On air «επεισόδιο» με Πέρμποκ

Η Germanida ΥΠΕΞ στη της μετέβη στην Κωνσταντινούπολι, where she met with τον Μεβλούτ Τσαβούσογλου. Ο Τσαβούσογλου, during the joint press conference, did not hide his anger, speaking about “ελληνική προπαγάνδα” and a partial attitude on behalf of Germany.

Анафероменос, apparently, in Ελλάδα, ο Τσαβούσογλου said, during της κοινής έντοπος Τιπου, that «το το το το το Ινο πορές είναι μέλος της ΕΕ δεν δεν στην το λέει την την πρόμενος».


Then he condemned Greece and Cyprus for their provocative attitude and propaganda, saying:

«Germany should maintain a balanced position regarding the issues of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean and not play the game of Greek and Cypriot provocations and propaganda».

AP Photo/Khalil Hamra

Ο Τούρκος ΥΠΕΞ then, according to the English edition of «Sabah», said that Germany had a neutral stance as a mediator regarding the differences between Turkey and Greece, «all Has lost her impartiality».

Turkey is worried about the increase in xenophobia and phobias in Europe, said Tsαβούσογλου. «Turkey expects the European Union to remove the political obstacles for the accession», he said, still.

«Μεταφέραμε της της της της της της της της της της της της της της της της της της της της της της της της της της της της της της της της της της της Ελληνικά στη Ελληνικά.

Η της Πέρμποκ’s answer

“We can’t solve the issue of the Eastern Mediterranean with the easing of tensions”, said Analena Mbermpok and emphasized that “we have common external borders” and that these borders of the EU are important.

«We don’t do propaganda, as the largest country in Europe we are interested in the country’s borders but also in the EU», replied the German minister.

Δεύτερο «ράπισμα» στην Άγκυρα, από τη Τρανσα

About the same time, ο Έλληνας ΥΠΕΞ Νίκος Δένδιας He met the Minister of Foreign Affairs of France in Paris Κατρίν Κολονά. Η Kolonά, according to the discussion they had, sent a clear message that France, as in the past and as it has been repeated by ΑΓάλλος president, is a friend of Greece and will stand together against threats against its sovereignty.


«We will follow the developments closely and you can really be sure We will be on your side», διαμήνυσε η Μιντρεία Οχερισμούν της Τρανσας.

Σημείωσε πως ο Νίκος Δένδιας informed him για «τη για του του για της της της της της της της ραφατες της παρατές της περισσότερας in the region, της της της της της της της Ελληνικά, some statements of one of our partners».

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Referring to the area of ​​the Eastern Mediterranean, it is a very interesting area for Greece and France, but also an area of ​​concern.


Strengthening the strategic partnership of Greece-Γαλλίας

In regard to bilateral relations, Catherine Koloná spoke about strengthening the strategic cooperation between Greece and France and confirmed that she would continue the good cooperation she had with her protege, Ζαν-Ιβ Ντριαν.

Taking stock of the strategic partnership between Greece and France, which since last summer complements the old friendship between the countries, the Greek minister said that from the first months «we have seen the fruits of this cooperation».

He also expressed his gratitude for the solidarity shown by Greece during the fires in France. “It’s a solidarity that was shown in action with two commanders, who helped us a lot in the battle against the fires,” he said, and received French help in Greece last summer.

In this context, he pointed out the importance of the EU Alliance Mechanism and explained that «together we are always stronger».


In the context of the war in Ukraine, he emphasized the importance of a common approach to Europe against Russia.

«It is important to be aware of the need to combat the false news coming from Moscow, which seeks to forget the causes of the war,» said Mrs. Koloná, and underlined the need to combat the Russian attitude more decisively and to consider its consequences. The war in Europe and beyond.

“Russia is solely responsible for the economic and geopolitical consequences of the invasion of Ukraine,” he added, emphasizing the impact of the war on energy.

Besides, energy security was discussed between the two ministers and especially the last decisions taken at the European level.

«Working in a positive direction and ensuring European unity, taking into account the specificities of each country and we should go further», said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of France and suggested the need to ensure European energy autonomy and reduce energy dependence and in particular from Russia


Δένδιας: Η France found itself always on the side of Greece without turning

Minister of Foreign Affairs Νικος Δένδιας underlined the importance of European solidarity by informing his Greek counterpart Catherine Koloná “about the escalation of Turkish rhetoric and actions that destabilize the region”, as well as about the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean, one day after his visit. in Cyprus.

In a joint statement with the Greek foreign minister at their first meeting in Paris after taking office, Νίκος Δένδιας recognized and thanked France for being by Greece’s side always without rotation and explained that Greece’s deterrent power was thanks to French arms. Strengthens against every external threat.

Also, he noted that the issues concerning the Aegean today, France has signed the Convention of Λωζάνης and the Convention of Μοντρέ για τα Στενά and τη Synthic of Παρισίων του 1947.

«Ο περισκερητισμός είναι απαραδεκτος στον 21ο Ακινος»

Περαιτέρω, the two foreign ministers discussed the consequences of the Russian invasion and how much revision is out of the question in the 21st century, as the foreign minister said.


Focusing on the progress of the bilateral relations, he characterized them as excellent, he said that France is one of the most important strategic partners of Greece with whom the principles and values ​​connect them, he noted that the cooperation of the two countries in the framework of the EU and NATO continues. Show how important it is to Ελλάδα and France.

«Έφτασε στο για παραστήσεις με συναφορία της συμφονίας Στρατηγικής Σχέσης, το περισσόσεις Σεπτέμβρη. A separate agreement, η και και ρήτρα Αμεωαίας αμύντικής συμπαγής» επισήμανε. As it is clear, the relationship between the two countries has a strong basis: common principles and values, freedom, democracy, justice, human rights, women’s rights, commitment to international justice, dialogue, and national resolution. των διαφορών και την της της της της της βίας στις international relations. In this context, he underlined the commitment of Greece to the International Law and the principles of the International Law of the Sea. Greece will continue to uphold these principles in its foreign policy.

Νίκος Δένδιας: Thanks to the French arms, the deterrive power of Greece is strengthened against any external threat.

Special reference was made to cooperation in the field of defense. «It’s also a friendly partner with Greece. Προσφατα we agreed to acquire τις modern frεγάτες “Belharra”. “Already the French Rafale is flying with the Greek colors and thanks to the French weapons, the deterrence power of Greece is strengthened against any external threat,” he said.

Moreover, οι δύο νισηροί συγέθησαν για το ΝΑΤΟ, με τον Ν. Δένδια να τονίζει πως η Ελλάδα θα στασιώτης της Περισσότηση της επόρουπας αυτονομίας.


Also, the Minister of Foreign Affairs thanked France for sending 25 other firefighters to Greece, who will be in Athens throughout August. «These movements are an effective proof of European solidarity and close relations between our countries», he said.

He did not fail to mention that «France is one of the most important economic and investment partners of Greece».

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