Αγώνας δύρος για την την την την την την Τημετικό Αερόσκαφών 5ης γερανίας F-35

The Ministry of Defense will proceed as soon as possible to accelerate the procedures required to complete the bureaucratic process for the purchase and gradual integration of the 5th generation F-35 fighter jets into the Polish Air Force by the end of the year. The return of Minister Nikou Panagiotopoulos from the United States, where he had a series of contacts both in Washington with the American ally of Λόιντ Οστιν and in Fort Górth of Texas with the heads of the manufacturing company Lockheed Martin, further mobilized the Greek side. It is understood that if our country wants to catch up with the schedule of receiving the aircraft that it has set for the Americans, the relevant agencies should run the relevant correspondence even faster. In this framework, the LOA (Letter of Agreement), which describes the technical and operational details of the agreement between the two sides, is being prepared in order to be ready to be sent to the USA by the end of the year.

Our country’s intention is to immediately secure its position in the F-35 production line, as there is concern due to the high demand for the fighter from a number of countries, mainly Europe. Αν χαθεί precious χρόνος can, instead of το τολες της της της, as predicted, η Ελλάδα να να παραλάμενη στης σκαφάφη στις της της έντες. According to the information, the topic was brought to the notice of κ. Παναγιοτόπουλο during the meeting he had with the head of the program (Joint Program Office) of the F-35 aircraft antiπτέραρχο Μαικλ Σμιτ, who after noting that the margins of increasing the rate of production of the aircraft are being considered, emphasized that until the end of the decade in total in various The world’s air forces will fly more than 550 F-35 fighters. Our country is running to catch up with other countries that have also expressed interest in acquiring the American fighter, such as the Czech Republic, whose government announced earlier this week that it will begin negotiations with the United States to purchase 24 F-35 Lightning II fighter jets. for the Military Air Force.

Σύντομη tradition

The main goal of the Greek side is the creation of two F-35 fleets, but the delivery of the first aircraft will not be until 2027 (and not in 2028), as the activation of the market could be delayed too much due to the ουκρανικής κόλικής, but also of other αστάθμητων factors. «The Russia-Ukraine war has dramatically increased the interest in acquiring the F-35 from many countries of the world, which until recently had small defense budgets and relatively small fleets. Also, the Turkish lobby in Washington could move to block the activation of the Greek market, calling for a reversal of the balance of power in the Middle East in favor of Greece and a ratio of 7 to 10 in terms of equipment between Greece and تین تورکی», refer to the characteristic circles of Π.Α.

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Let us note that, based on the Letter of Request sent to the USA about a month ago, we intend to acquire 20+20 aircraft, with the financial parameters of the agreement also being discussed between in the Ministry of National Defense and in the Ministry of Finance. For the last few months, discussions have been held between the two ministries in order to find the means of financing the specific program, but also to determine the methods and timing of the transfer of money to the American side. Η χώρα μασμος, having already committed significant sums for the strengthening of its defense, seeks, σε, τι τι το το acquisition το F-35, να καταστήσεις τις οπισθοβαρείς, να τις να τος της περισσότερο προστήσεις χρόνικα.

The issue of payments for the F-35, as well as the possibilities of joint production in the facilities of the EAAB, was raised by κ. Παναγιοτόπουλος and to his interlocutors during his visit to the USA, επικαλούμενος the excellent cooperation that exists between Lockheed Martin and the Hellenic Aerospace Industry, both regarding the upgrade of 84 Greek F-16s to Viper level and The construction of part of the secondary assemblies of the transport aircraft C-130 J. In fact, indicative of the consistency of the Greek side in terms of meeting its obligations, but also of the intention of Lockheed Martin to upgrade this particular cooperation was the fact that on a symbolic level the executive vice president της company Γκρέγορι Μ. Ούλμερ κατα τη τη της περισσότερα που το ΥΕΘΑ, επελεξε να του προστέρων ως δωμάτη μια μινιατούρα του C-130 J. Να το το πος ο κ. Παναγιοτόπουλος had the opportunity to learn first-hand and in detail about the production processes and operational capabilities of the 5th generation F-35 fighter aircraft, as part of his tour of the fighter production line at the ultra-synchronous facilities of Fort Górth. Let us add that regarding the acquisition of specific fighter aircraft from Greece, ο κ. Παναγιοτόπουλος put it very high on the agenda and during the meeting he had with the American counterpart of Λόιντ Οστιν, stressing that their promotion from Greece is a new milestone in the strategic cooperation of the two countries, which will contribute to the country’s deterrence capacity and Closer cooperation and interoperability of the armed forces of Greece and the United States.

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Ελληνικά F-16 in Cyprus

At the same time, the imminent inclusion of the F-35 in the Greek οπλοστάσιο has activated an early discussion between the Cypriot and American sides (καταρχήν) regarding the provision of a number of F-16 Block-30 fighters (the first ones that had been acquired by our country). , through the “market of the century” on the government of Andrea Papandreou) of the Polish Air Force, in Cyprus. Discussions have begun between the two countries as to why Washington’s prior permission is necessary. According to the information, in the relevant discussions, the possibility of the transfer of the aircraft will be done either under leasing or through direct purchase from the city. Στέλεχος με γιανία των σελιτών διακράσεων επεσήμανε πός η εν εν και κέντερα να έλητει μια και και και και στην και στης της περισσότερα. The continuation will depend on the course of US-Turkish relations, but also on the degree to which Washington wants to contribute to the withdrawal and replenishment of Cyprus’s infrastructure, the majority of which consists of Soviet and Russian-made weapons systems. However, according to diplomatic sources, the American foreign minister in Athens, Tzefri Páiat, and the U.S. Secretary of State, who is responsible for energy issues, have repeatedly expressed the opinion that the time has come for Cyprus to get rid of weapons of mass destruction… For specific aircraft, however, it should be noted that initially Greece and Bulgaria were interested in their purchase, but the relevant procedures did not proceed. In any case, their transition to the third country is not expected to happen before the entry of the F-35 into active service in the P.A., as the current state of Greek-Turkish relations does not allow their withdrawal from Greece in the future. years

As for the full use of nuclear weapons against the Republic of Cyprus by the United States, let us add that it is one of the main goals that Cyprus has set. As of last May, the relevant institutional procedures have been initiated, while the matter is being examined by the competent authorities of the USA in order to take similar decisions possibly even in the middle of the year. The Cyprus Republic has also fulfilled all the requirements of the Eastern Mediterranean Security and Energy Partnership Act of 2019, which was passed by the American Congress after the proposal of the senators Ménéntés and Ρούμπιο and therefore considers that the matter will have a real impact.

Στρατός Ξηράς και Ναυτικό

At the same time, the implementation of the subaltern equipment programs that the Armed Forces are running is progressing rapidly, with the most important being the procurement of new corvettes for the Polish Navy and the upgrade of the Leopard combat arms. As for the upgrade of the German-made battle tanks, our country intends to proceed with the modernization of approximately 2/3 of the 350 Leopard 1A5 and Leopard 2Α4 battle tanks that it has and which constitute the basic line of defense of Θράκη. Ο εκσυγχρονισμός τους is going to be realized εκ ολοκλήρου στην Ελλάδα so that a large part of the money will return to the domestic industry and Ανα να έλληνικά hands will be employed.

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As for the facilities to be upgraded, these will be created in already existing spaces in Σίνδο or τον Βόλο. It is possible that relevant announcements will be made on this topic by the Prime Minister in his speech at the ΔΕΘ. Σε ό,τι και και την ΕλληνοGERμανική cooperation, with a very fast pace of progress and the inclusion of τεθωρακισμένων combat vehicles type Marder in the ελληνικό οπλοστάσιο. The first 10 Marders will arrive in our country in August and will follow in September. Let us remind you that our country has provided a significant number of combat vehicles of the ΒΜΡ-1 type (parallel 1994) in order to be delivered to Ukraine and agreed with Germany to replace them with a similar number of combat vehicles of the German-made Marder type. Οσον της κόρβετες, να το το πός πολεμικό Ναυτικό στι Αστέρισησης του προπρίδη της της Italian και η η Ελληνική followed by η French, while the third is η Αλλάνδική.

Στα συν των το των το το το το το το το το το το το το κόρβετος τυπό Doha, το η τος η τος η το η το η προστές περισσότης σε έλληνικά ναυπηγεία, στα οι οι το οι το το ναυπηγεία Ελευσίνας. However, according to information, after the fall of the government, the decision on the Corbettes will go back a little and certainly until the situation in the Italian political scene is completely clear. Finally, it is the intention of the Ministry of Defense to bring soon to Parliament the draft law that concerns the issues (thesis and finances) of the members of the Armed Forces.

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